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Dixieland, swing, charleston, hot jazz and old time blues will keep you dancing all night! 


Miss Cara and her band (guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, clarinet and trombone) bring the authentic, real life, feet stompin', roaring 20's world with them.

Ranging from duo to septet, The Sugar Stompers have the perfect sound and look for your speakeasy party.

The band has an extensive repertoire, but are happy to fulfill any specific song request for your special evening.


The Brooklyn Sugar Stompers perform traditional Jazz and Blues, specializing in music that ranges from the Prohibition Era 1920's “Jazz Age” throughout the “Swing Era” of the 1930's!  We draw our inspiration and repertoire from incredible jazz greats like Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday; as well as from renowned blues singers like Bessie Smith and Ethel Waters  and some of the most celebrated crooners, like Al Bowlly and Annette Hanshaw.  The band and instrumentation can be adapted to your specific needs.  Throwing a Gatsby party and only want music from the 1920's?  Or need the glamour of the 1930's? We've got you covered and look forward to making your event one to remember!  


Our instrumentation varies per gig, but can arrange to have requests for a stride ragtime piano player, banjo, or tuba at clients request.

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