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The Fillmores provide the perfect musical touch. From Gatsby to Rat Pack and Motown to Modern, we work closely with clients to customize the perfect musical backdrop for any event. Drawing from diverse musical experiences, their repertoire vintage Swing & Jazz, classic Motown soul and R&B, and of course, 90's up to contemporary Top 40 radio hits. The band size is flexible to rock the best dance parties and also able to support mellow intimate events. The Fillmores will work with you to support your venue size, budget, and musical tastes creating a special and memorable event. The full band features female vocals, two horns, guitar, keyboards, upright bass, and drums. The band is able to adjust larger or smaller including male vocals to fit your musical vision, budget, and space. With our experience and sensitivity to details, we support you and your special event so you can relax and enjoy your moment. 

We begin our dance sets with upbeat Speakeasy jazz and swing with New Orleans style jazz, followed by Classic Soul/Funk/R&B, and finishing off the night with more current 90's and contemporary Top 40 songs. 

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