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Imagine all of your favorite pop songs (Beyonce, Tom Waits, Def Leppard) revised into a funky soul music experience with a throwback jazz elegance.  


The ultimate millennial soul, jazz & lounge group. 


With a vintage microphone in hand, sensational vocalist Cara Dineen performs a wide range of styles and songs with a tinge of Jazz, a twist of R&B, or a shot of Hip Hop, Bluegrass, or Folk all under the elegant guise of a 1960's jazz group.  All of these flavors magically blend to keep party-goers and guests dancing the night away.  This group's setup (Upright Bass, Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar and Drums) can be tailor-made into any configuration depending on your event's special requirements and budget.  Bellatonic is sure to cast a stylish party spell at your Wedding, Private Event, Party or Lounge.  Everything can and will be catered to your specific needs.  Each performance is exciting and always grounded in a classic jazz look; but one for the new millennium...


No musical stone is left unturned or unpolished within this unique combination of throwback jazz elegance with crowd-pleasing pop (Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, Robyn, Aaliyah) and hipster classics (Tom Waits, Bjork, Oasis, Radiohead, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs).  The Bellatonic recipe creates an exciting musical elixir  sure to please the pickiest of music snobs and the danciest of friends and everyone else in between.  Anything one can imagine (or request) is all thrown in with some revamped jazz for good measure.  All of Bellatonic's music is both shakin' and stirred. 

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