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Introducing the sensational Dana Herz! Renowned for her chic style and unique blend of New York jazz and Israeli repertoire, Dana has been enchanting audiences at clubs, events, and weddings. Her performances have graced venues not only in New York and the tri-state area but also nationwide and across Europe.

With her timeless swing, New York jazz club music, and international pop repertoire, Dana keeps everyone hypnotized with an unforgettable musical experience.

Dana Herz's band features some of the best jazz musicians in New York City, delivering authentic jazz with unparalleled style. Their performances are chic and versatile, adapting effortlessly to your specific taste, budget, volume, and space limitations. Whether as a solo act or an 8-piece band, they bring elegance and class to every event, ensuring a seemless experience.

With an extensive repertoire in multiple genres, Dana and her band are happy to fulfill any specific song request for your special evening. They can emulate your favorite recordings or even accompany one of your guests in performing a prepared piece! Every performance is customized to perfectly fit the mood, all while maintaining their vintage aesthetic with retro dresses and suits, double-bass, and vintage microphones.

Fluent in both English and Hebrew, Dana can also perform a vast repertoire of Hebrew songs, including special pieces for wedding ceremonies. Let Dana Herz and her band transport you to a magical night

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